Dominique Medina

  • Terry has my support because he has a real plan to get DARK MONEY out of Arizona elections.

    Vote Goddard

    GOAL: 254 votes


    The Arizona we want is not the Arizona we’re getting.

    Together we can:

    ✓ Stop Dark Money and keep anonymous corporate cash from influencing our elections

    ✓ Fight all forms of election fraud

    ✓ Crack down on corporate lobbyists who dominate our legislature

    ✓ Make sure every voter is treated fairly, whether you’re an Independent, Democrat or Republican

    Let everyone know you are voting for Terry, SIGN THE VOTE PLEDGE TODAY!

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    As a Clean Elections candidate I have already qualified, and received funding for the election cycle. I appreciate your support; but I cannot accept any additional donations. I would appreciate your support by signing up for emails alerts like me on facebook and if you have time please consider volunteering.

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