Sheila Ramirez

  • I wish that Corporations would go back to distributing the money back to their employees, instead of Politicians. We work for the Corporations…We little people they forget about, are the reason they still have a company. If it wasn’t for the lower end employees working so hard…The CEO’s would have nothing. In my honest Opinion. All the money they pay to politicians, and high Execs…could be given back to ALL The Employees. Instead of telling us all, we are lucky to have a job. No raises in 5 years now. No cost of Living increase…Nothing!!! It’s not right!!! Can you HELP US TOO!! I’m a Single mom of 3 kid’s I raised myself…2 already graduated High school 2012 and 2014…I have one more left. Both my boy’s want to attend school, but they are both working full time to help me. It’s not right. No state help…The state won’t help look for their father to pay his child support. This is just sad times. Your help would be appreciated.