Terry Goddard


    For his “unwavering support for public safety issues”

    AZCOPS.jpgTerry Goddard received another major endorsement in his campaign for Arizona Secretary of State. AZCOPS, the Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs, in announcing their support stated, “Your unwavering support for public safety issues and public employees is deeply appreciated by our members throughout Arizona.”

    “Having served as Arizona Attorney General, fighting against the cartel agents who were smuggling money, people and drugs across our southern border, I know it will take law enforcement experience to stop anonymous dark money that is trying to buy Arizona votes,” said Goddard. “That is why I am particularly proud to have the support and endorsement of the Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs for my campaign for Secretary of State. I value the contributions made by these men and women of law enforcement every day.”

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Board Member at Central Arizona Project Senior Counsel at Dentons Lawyer at Goddard Law PLC Former Arizona Attorney General Former Phoenix Mayor